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13 November:    Today's update is rather exciting!  Thanks to the assistance of Armand Eshleman, and the generosity of Alan Gruening, I now have quite a few more photos on the Fw190D-13 page (for 836017).  As many of you know, she is undergoing restoration at Gosshawk currently, and these images have been taken during the restoration process.  Thank you VERY much, guys, this is great stuff!

5 November:    Another update courtesy of Charles Landrum...ten shots of an unrestored Grumman F7F Tigercat located in California (Chino, I believe).  The exterior has been repainted, but the wheel wells appear to be in original, if somewhat tatty condition.

26 October:    Well, this is embarrassing...have you ever been so busy you forgot you actually did something productive?  I actually uploaded another walkaround on the 18th and completely forgot to add links to it.  So, without further ado, allow me to present a walkaround of a pre-production Boeing V-22 Osprey courtesy of my friend and fellow club member Charles Landrum.  I also made a small correction on the C.714 info- there is another example at the Musée de l'Air in France, but I've yet to see decent photographic coverage of that aircraft.  I should also add that I've got some stuff in the pipeline here that will positively make many of you drool...and not all of it has wings... ;)

18 October:    Yet another update, this one a spectacular walkaround of one of two surviving  Caudron C.714 in its ORIGINAL FRENCH CAMOUFLAGE as stored in Finland...this one was graciously provided by Vincent Kermorgant, and is an absolute treasure trove of pictorial information!

14 October:    Lots of news today, relatively speaking. I've moved the TBD Devastator and SB2U Vindicator pages to their own individual sites, for a number of different reasons; first, the quantity of data available to me for these aircraft would start to really eat into the available space on DetailSITE's servers, and second they really do deserve their own stand-alone sites. They will still be accessible via DetailSITE's main navigation page of course, but you can now bookmark them as separate sites.

9 October:    So, who likes a Spitfire, then?   Perhaps a nice Mk. IX...of the proper length?  ;)  Today, I'm pleased to present a walkaround of Spitfire Mk IX MJ730, along with a detailed service history INCLUDING color pictures taken of MJ730 during Operation Dragoon in July 1944...courtesy of the Fighter Factory, the owners of MJ730.  This is a good one, folks, and one which I think you'll be quite "chuffed" about... 

4 October:    You would think I forgot how to do, it's just been a crazy few months, I think everybody can share in that feeling especially after last month.  Nothing terribly witty to say today, but I do have a few updates- finally got the long-awaited F8F Bearcat page up, as well as a great walkaround of the McDonnell FH-1 Phantom courtesy of Matthew Quinney, and some new shots added of FV-610 to the F-89 Scorpion page.  And the chocolatey goodness just keeps on comin'...I've also uploaded a page for the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo, featuring shots of a very rare unrestored F-101A!  Boy, it's been a busy day... :)

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support of the site, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming features!

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